(Our Knowledge, Our Power)
Virginia Eubanks
Members of Popular Technology facilitate workshops about science, technology, and social justice for activists, organizers, educators, and the general public. We've included three sample workshops on the website: How Much is Enough? The Self-Sufficiency Standard; Beat the System: Surviving Welfare; and Technology, Power and Resistance.

Making Broadband Work for All of Us
This workshop energizes participants to take charge of information and communication technologies and organize in their communities for better health care, education, housing and wages. Framed within a national anti-poverty movement and a campaign for economic human rights, this workshop enables participants to collect and share testimonies of survival and resistance from people on the margins. No technological skills are necessary to participate.

How Much is Enough? The Self-Sufficiency Standard
Neither the minimum wage nor current poverty standards take into account geographical concerns, nor adequately provide for the costs of working. The Self- Sufficiency Standard (SSS), developed by Dr. Diana Pierce, is different. The Self-Sufficiency Standard takes into account the costs of employment, particularly childcare and transportation, and the cost of health care. It adjusts for geographic differences in cost, especially housing; can be updated to reflect revised understanding of what is necessary, such as telephones; and allows for the impact of income taxes and tax credits. This workshop explores the need for the standard and how to use it in your own organization or life.

Beat the System: Surviving Welfare
Women at the YWCA Making Social Movement (WYMSM) created "Beat the System: Surviving Welfare," which seeks to empower participants by providing insight about, and survival skills for dealing with, the human and social service systems. This exercise evokes shared experiences, shares life stories, and creates a better understanding of the challenges faced by people attempting to access public assistance.

Technology, Power and Resistance
The “Technology, Power and Resistance” workshop is intended to help advocates and activists think through how technology impacts their day-to-day work and their broader social justice concerns. A key goal is to help participants think about the relationship between technology and power in a broad and structural way, rather than seeing technology as simply a tool or a threat.

The PDF files linked above provide an overview and agenda for each workshop. lf you are interested in hosting a popular technology workshop, or would like to obtain copies of the facilitator's notes and complete popular technology workshop materials, contact:

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